How to stuff your Throw Pillow correctly in 6 Easy Steps.  Learn how to stuff and fluff your pillow like a pro with Advenique Home Decor, your source for all luxury designer decorative pillows and cushions.\

How to correctly stuff your Decorative pillow, 6 easy steps.

One of the most popular questions asked by persons who purchase throw or decorative  pillows is;  how do i stuff the insert properly inside my pillow cover?  If you want to know how to stuff your pillow covers nice and easy follow these 6 simple designer steps below. 


A very important tip before we get started is to make sure you have the correct size insert for your pillow  (We offer free pillow inserts with every pillow purchase).  If your insert is too big you will have a rock hard pillow when you  are done.  An insert that is too small will give you a saggy or floppy pillow. 

Some persons prefer a feather down insert, we prefer polyfill ( we prefer not to hurt the little fluffy ones).  You can check out our throw pillow insert guide.   A safe place start is to make your inserts 2 inches larger than your throw pillow cover.

Lets Begin!

6 pro designer tips for stuffing your decorative or throw pillow cover.  


  1. Unzip the pillow cover all the way open and lay it on a flat surface.  
  2. Fold the pillow insert in half vertically making it as flat as possible. 
  3. Gently and carefully stuff the folded pillow insert into the pillow cover making sure to avoid forcing it.  This takes a little time natural so don't rush.  Forcing or ruchin can result in damaging seems or zipper.
  4. Massage the top two insert corners into the two pillow cover corners farthest from the opening, ensuring that the corners are fully stuffed with the insert.  Once the top two pillow corners have been properly stuffed, push the bottom two corners of the pillow insert into the bottom two corners of the pillow cover.
  5. Press down on the pillow insert through the opening, then slowly and gently zip the zipper closed, making sure not to zip over the insert.
  6. Finally plump and fluff your pillow in all directions then finish off your throw pillow with a perfect karate chop in the center.

Thom Filicia Altitude for Kravet Modern Boho Decorative luxury Pillow


Thom Filicia Altitude for Kravet Modern Boho Decorative luxury Pillow

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